Stathis Mitsios

Stathis Mitsios is involved in scenography, installations and video mapping. Having studied graphic design and interior design and having closely examined the notions of “light” and “animation”, he has become a modern stage designer who integrates video into the scenery, creating virtual environments and complex lighting conditions via 3D video mapping.

He has worked with organizations and institutions such as the NTNG (National Theatre of Northern Greece), the AUTH (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), the 8th Ephorate of Byzantine Monuments, the Regional Theater of Patras, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Athens, the Melbourne Hellenic Museum, as well as with artists, directors, bands and festival organizers.

He has worked as a set designer, visualiser, filmmaker and graphic designer creating short and feature films, promotional videos, visual- video installations, theatrical installations-performances, scenery etc.