Sofia Kalpenidou

Sofia Kalpenidou, who started learning ballet at the age of 7, studied classical dance under the instruction of Guess Mihov and Tania Miltenova at the Higher School of Dance of the Municipal Enterprise of Tourism and Culture of Larissa (D.E.T.PO.L) and graduated in 2003 with a Diploma in “Dance Teaching”. She has participated in dozens of national and international competitions, winning various awards. She has collaborated with distinguished choreographers and directors, such as Antonis Foniadakis, Daniel Lommel, Dimitris Sotiriou, Constantinos Rigos, Fokas Evangelinos, Evelina Papoulia, Stamatis Fasoulis, Thanassis Papathanasiou- Michalis Repas, Ieroklis Michailidis and has also worked together with the National Theatre of Northern Greece for several years. Since 2004 she has been teaching contemporary dance and ballet at private schools in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa. Today she lives and works in Athens, where she participates in various theatrical productions and dance performances and teaches dance at the Iasmos School of Drama and various other dance schools.