Marietta Fafouti

Marietta Fafouti was already 15 when she first laid her fingers on the piano. That first encounter was for her “love at first touch” and at the same time a big revelation as she found out that when she let her hands free on the piano, she could play every melody she had in mind. It was then that she began to write music. After this experience, her life changed radically. Years of studies and creative maturation followed and soon resulted to a valuable “crop”. The last 6 years she has composed music for films, documentaries, TV productions, advertisements, plays and musicals and had the chance to collaborate with many directors, producers and other artists. In 2006 her first soundtrack was released for the film of Loukia Rikaki “Hold Me”. The same year together with 7 friends she created the Art city, a website that hosts 20 different kinds of art and its purpose is to help artists to show their work through various collaborations, art events and festivals, like ARTogether festival. One of her most recent works is the music for the National Greek TV remake of the children series “O Paramythas” by Nikos and Constantine Pilavios, for which she wrote 364 minutes of original music and songs. In autumn 2010, Inner Ear releases her first personal album, “Try A Little Romance”, a debut of tracks written and performed by her.