Some say he is the best young musician of 2012, whereas others claim he is the most talented musician of the decade. We are very glad to present Leon, 24, one of the most fresh and promising talents of the indie Greek music scene, as one of the TEDxThessaloniki 2012 perfomers. 

León is singer/songwriter Leon Veremis from Athens,Greece. Born in London to Greek parents, Leon has since been a traveler. As a teenager, he soon drew the attention of the music community in Athens by forming bands such as Mimosa’s Dream.

His music is a multicultural blend of sounds influenced by a variety of genres such as Greek and Mediterranean music, the new wave and pop of the 70’s, the indie rock scene of Brooklyn and the french euro-disco music of the 90’s. In late 2009 he formed the band “León” accompanied by other young multi-instrumentalists of the city.

León’s debut album “Futrue” (released December ’10) was produced by Ottomo and Josh Clark (Beirut).