2L8 Solo

Kostas Vozikis, also known as K. the Clown, is a member of the band 2L8, which he founded in 2005 and which very soon developed into a big collective, a group of musicians and collaborators based in Thessaloniki. 2L8 are post rock, post punk, new age, pop, rock and at the same time none of the above. Their music cannot be set within any specific music genre. Apart from Kostas Vozikis (multi organist, voice), who will perform upon the TΕDxThessaloniki stage today, the band is comprised of Iraklis Iosifides (contrabass), Angelos Bournas (electric guitar), Rosie Dickins (electric base), Elisso Papastrati (violin), Daphne Papastrati (saxophone), Babis Tsinikosmaoglou (piano), Dimitris Afeidis (drums), Giannis Tzekos (drums), Steve Dickins (sound). Their three albums have been praised by critics and are among the best albums’ lists of the year. Their last album “New Battles” is the first Greek album that was out with “crowdfunding” through the English platform Pledge Music.