Aktis Aeliou

“Aktis Aeliou” art theatre was founded in 2000 and is one of the most prolific and well-known creative artistic groups in Thessaloniki. By virtue of their broad repertoire and the various theatrical practices they adopt/endorse they aim to reach the very essence of theatrical staging/performing. Initiated by a group of young students of drama, their endeavour is characterized by elegant simplicity, genuine artistic spirit and a constant and creative search for originality. Nominated already in 2003 for the Best Peripheral Theatrical Organization by the Association of Theatrical Critics, they were finally awarded in 2006. Along with their own performances, “Aktis Aeliou” run a Theatrical Workshop and organize seminars on drama and performance arts. Group members: Theano Amiridis, Thomas Velissaris, Ioanna Katsaros, Nikos Ortetzatos. Nikos Sakalidis, who was their teacher at the Drama School, is the artistic director of the theatre.