If you do it right, it, and you, will live forever

Arts & Culture

Inspiration has been the driving force behind all forms of evolution. Half way through the 20th century, in the cutthroat world of advertising and during turbulent times, a small kid from the Bronx started taking his first steps into creating his own (r)evolution and becoming the most prominent figure in his field.

Choosing to be creative rather than cautious, George Lois emerged as the Greek God of advertising, making brands famous overnight by intriguing his audience and taunting his adversaries by visualizing and printing what no one else would, or could.

During his speech at TEDx Thessaloniki 2014 he urged us to be daring, claim and protect what’s ours and never settle for half measures. Fortune favors the bold and during his professional career George Lois proved to possess more than enough of that quality. “If you do it right, it will live forever!”, he said, a phrase that describes not only the element of perfection in his work, but how much he has learned from his amazing journey so far as well.